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13 July 2009

Letter from Julia [Aide] Egan to her young niece, Mary Pugil

NOTE:  You can click on most of the names in this letter to visually see where individuals fit into the family tree!  🙂
Highland, Wis.
Nov. 16, 1931
Dear Mary Pugil,
I’ll try to answer your request.  Hope it is what you want.

My father Edward Aide, better known as Ned Aide, was born in Kilkenny, Ireland about the year 1808.  His mother and father died when he was eight years old.  He was adopted by an Englishman named Forsal, with whom he stayed until he was twenty years old.  There were two other brothers James and Tom who were also adopted by Englishmen.  He had a sister, Mary, that was Mrs. Nugent of Chicago.  She is dead now.

My father and James Aide came to New York from Ireland, where they worked at odd jobs.  A year later they came westward to the mines of Wisconsin.  Father (Ned) finally came to Highland, then known as Franklin, where he cleared land for farming.  He also mined during the winter months on his farm.  A near neighbor was Walter Kent who came from the same town in Ireland he did.  At Walter Kent’s farm, after about four years of farming, he met Anastasia Kent a sister of Walter’s.  Later they married.  They had six children.  Their names were Pierce, your grandfather, James, Ellen (who died at three years of scarlet fever), Kate, Mary, and Julia (myself).

Father’s brother, James, lived at Mineral Point.  His brother Tom married and moved to England.  He never came to the United States.

Mother had three sisters and two brothers.  Her sisters were Kate, Mary and Ellen.  Mary married a Duggan and never came west of New York.  Kate married twice her first name being Mrs. Whalen and her second Mrs. J. Lynch.  She lived in Madison.  Ellen married Mr. Tom Wall of Highland.

My brother, James, married Mary Ann Ford and they had ten children.  Three of the children are dead now.  The mother and several of the children live in Chicago.

My sister, Mary, married Bill Cody and they had fourteen children.  One of the fourteen is dead but the others are all living.

Sister Kate, married John Egan and she had five children. Two of them Bertha and Howard are in Chicago.  Howard is teaching in Loyola University.

Of course there are three in my family but one child died in infancy, making four in all.

My father was about seventy years old when he died and that’s about fifty-two years ago as I’m seventy now.  Your grandfather was about seventy-five when he died some years ago.  All my brothers and sisters are dead and I’m the only one left.  I was the youngest.  Your grandfather was the oldest, then Mary, James, Kate, myself, and Ellen.  I should have written Ellen before myself.

This was written by Anna Egan, for Mother doesn’t write much, as her eyesight bothers her.

Your Cousin,
Anna Egan

**Note on letter: This letter was generously provided to me by Maureen [Aide] Kraak, Great Granddaughter to Pierce Aide.  The letter was given to her several years ago by Mary Pugil’s sister, Virginia Pugil.


  1. Mary aide cody was my great grandmother . Do you have any more info
    on the family or pictures

    Comment by kathy cody schmitt — 13 July 2009 @ 4:39 pm

    • Hi, Kathy!!

      I’m really glad to hear from you! Thanks so much for writing. You also messaged me on You might be a little disappointed to learn that, at the moment, I do not know very much about the Cody Family. Having said that, I am currently in the process of extracting the surname Cody (along with Aide, Kent and Wall) from Co. Kilkenny parish records – right now I am working on the baptismal and marriage records from the parish of Graiguenamanagh, where William was probably baptized. I’ll post that information in a few weeks.

      As far as information on Mary [Aide] and William Cody, I know they are buried at St. Philip Cemetery in Highland, WI. They are buried very near Edward Aide, at the front of the old section of the cemetery. William’s headstone says that he was born in 1838 and died in 1918; Mary’s headstone says that she lived from 1853 to 1922. Near them, buried right next to Edward Aide, is their oldest son, Thomas S Cody. He was born in 1869 and died at a very early age on 09 Oct 1885. I believe that it was either Thomas or William who was kicked by a horse, but I can’t remember the story. I believe it may have been William, but I’ll have to ask some of my cousins. Another way to find out would be to contact the Iowa County Registrar of Deeds (phone: 608 935-0396; email: in Dodgeville, WI – they should have his death certificate on hand, which would tell you how he died.

      William also sponsored the baptism of Edward Aide’s granddaughter, Mayme Agnes Aide, on 10 Jan 1885 at St. Philip Church in Highland.

      William Cody’s parent’s were Thomas Cody and Margaret Doyle, both from Co. Kilkenny. Thomas was born about 1787 and died in Wisconsin in 1875 (near Highland, but I think in Grant County). Margaret Doyle lived from 1798 until her death about 1851 in Massachusetts – she died shortly after the family arrived to America. I believe William had five siblings. His older sister was Julia Cody. She was born in 1833 and died in Highland on 17 Nov 1895. She was married to Michael Ford. There was also Mary (married to Nicholas Egan); Garret (married Jane Brennan); James (married Margaret Walsh) and Patrick (married Anne Hickey).

      Unfortunately, that is all the information I have and I do not have very many pictures beyond my great-grandfather, Edward Henry Aide. I’m hoping that by writing this blog I’ll run in to other people who are doing similar projects and we can exchange both photos and information. Whatever information I find, I will definitely pass it along.

      Do you have much information regarding Mary and William Cody’s children? I’m wondering if you might be able to fill in some blank???

      Thomas S Cody (1869 – 1885)
      Margaret Ann Cody (1872 – 1948)
      Mary Jane Cody (1874 – ____)
      Julia Laura Cody (1875 – 1953)
      Edward Cody (1877 – ____)
      Annie Cody (1880 – ____)
      Elizabeth Agnes Cody (1883 – 1963)
      William Stephen Cody (1884 – 1962)
      Catherine Cody (1885 – ____)
      Helen Cody (1888 – 1949)
      Thomas A Cody (1888 – ____)
      Laura Cody (1893 – ____)
      Verna B Cody (1895 – ____)
      Elmer John Cody (1897 – 1973)

      Thanks again for writing
      Take care!

      Comment by jeaide — 13 July 2009 @ 6:34 pm

  2. Hello Jason,

    I am currently engaged in a project with Professor Ed. McCarron of the Department of History at Stonehill College, MA which is seeking to trace the histories of the several families (Aides, Codys, Graces, Kents, etc.) who migrated from the sub-division, known as ‘Sallyabog Quarter’,being part of the townland of Raheendonore, Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, circa 1848. I am intersted in discovering the route taken by your ancestors and if this was in the company of others of the Sallybog migrants.. Also, I should be very interested in any folk memories of the Aide family which may have been passed down through the generations.

    My interest is fueled by familty connections with the Grace, Cody, Doyle and Lanigan families.It appears that members of the Grace families settled in Hinsdale, and later Dalton, MA. while the Codys, like the Aides journey on WIsconsin.

    I look forward to renewing your acquaintence and to sharing further information with you.

    Best Regards,


    Comment by Michael O'Hanrahan — 12 April 2016 @ 11:54 am

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