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15 July 2009

Aide/Eaid in Slieverue Parish

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Remember in the last posting when I mentioned that I’d found a Peter Aide that had been born in the Catholic Parish of Slieverue?  According to that baptismal record, dated 10 April of 1787, his parents names were Edmund Aide and Agnes Kehow.  Well, today I was at the Minnesota Genealogical Society doing a little research and when I was reviewing inscriptions from the Rathpatrick cemetery (from Rathpatrick Graveyard, County Kilkenny Memorial Inscriptions No. 13, by Michael O’Sullivan), which would have been part of Slieverue Parish, I came across this inscription:

“Erected by Edmund Eaid’s sons in memory of their mother Agnus Eaid alias Kehoe who departed this life January 19th 1808, aged 48 years.  Also three of her children who died young.  Also the body of James Eaid drowned at sea February 19th 1813, aged 27 years.  Also Mathew Eaid who departed this life May 20th 1813, aged 22 years.  Also the body of Edmund who departed this life 22nd April 1814, aged 61 years.”

Of course, I don’t know how exactly this branch is related to the branch(es) that settled in Highland, WI.  I sort of assume that, because the surname Aide is so rare in Ireland and because it only seems to really show up on southeastern Kilkenny, we are all probably related.  Of course, when doing a genealogy project it’s a little self-defeating to assume anything.

Anyway, I just thought I’d pass it along because I thought it was interesting. 🙂


  1. Hello there,
    My maiden name is Eaid. I am wondering why you believe that Aide is the same name as Eaid. My ancestors also came from Kilkenny. My great-great-great grandfather Edward Eaid was born about 1811 or 1812 and came to Canada somewhere between 1839 to 1846. We believe that he arrived here with his three children and no wife. He is listed on the 1851 census for Canada West, Norfolk County, Townsend Township. I would love to hear from you about your research in Ireland and how you have made the connection to your name. There are a few of us Eaids around. Pretty much everyone is somehow related to me. Eaid is properly pronounced as Aid, even though my family and most people say the e sound first. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks for the information.
    A. Flanagan

    Comment by Ann Flanagan — 2 August 2009 @ 11:23 pm

    • Hi Ann
      My name is Mark Edmeades I live in Kitchener Ontario Canada
      My mom was an Eaid her geandfather apparently came over to Canada (when I am sorry I do not know )
      They settled in the Simcoe Delhi area she had 2 brothers Jack and Bud Jack had a jewelry dtore in Simcoe
      They are all gone now unfortunatly (now I get interested in family history
      I do have cousins out west in Alberta from Uncle Jack and one in Kincardine also from Uncle Jack
      Bud had noe kids and lived in Mississippi
      It’s nice to hear from people who have the same name or maybe related to.
      My Mom’s Dad was a dentist in London Ontario also and Mom went to school at the convent there
      Thats about all I know other mom saying her granfather may have been kicked out of Ireland due to Politics or horses I was never to sure as she would change the story to suit her purpose for the time.
      Take Care

      Comment by Mark Edmeades — 9 September 2009 @ 8:35 pm

      • Mark,

        I too am following the Eaid line (cousin on A. Flannigan above) but I don’t have a record of a sister to Jack & Bud (your mom). Can you give me her name please and tell me a little about her?

        Comment by Wendy Baggott — 25 April 2011 @ 6:55 pm

  2. Dear Jason,

    I just discovered your wonderful genealogy of the Aide family. What a treasure! I noted that you had a question about where Perry Aide was buried. He is buried in the Catholic cemetery in Shullsburg,WI. Perry Aide is my grandfather. My mom is Marie Aide.

    Jeanne Meehan

    Comment by jeanne meehan — 31 May 2010 @ 7:27 am

  3. I’m alse keenly interested in researching the Eaid family genealogy beginning with our most senior Eaid, Edward born in County Kilkenney, Ireland in 1811-12. I would love to connect with other researchers and have previously connected with Janice/Mark Edmeades, Ann Flanagan, Elinor Nigh, & Wendy Baggott who all have done very in-depth research. I’m in San Diego, California USA. My connection is through my mother Roberta Marie Eaid, daughter to Spaulding Thomas Eaid, son of Clayton Thomas Eaid, son of John R Eaid, son of Edward Eaid. You can reach me at 760 845 8447 anytime.

    Comment by Lee Hedges — 8 February 2011 @ 9:17 pm

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