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20 July 2009

Graiguenamanagh Parish records through the LDS Family History Center

Yesterday I completed my review of the Graiguenamanagh parish records (film #0926114) at the Family History Center in Bloomington, MN.  My focus was on the surnames Kent and Aide (Eaide/Ade/Aid/Ead) and I found neither Kent nor Aide in any of the marriage records from 1818 to 1838, which was pretty disappointing.  However, I did come across a few Walls and quite a few Codys, all of which I will post at the end of this entry.  Maybe someone else will find them useful…  You might think that if the Aide family were from Graiguenamanagh, there would be at least be a few relatives still hanging around.  So I guess the search continues…

Baptismal records for the church parish of Graiguenamanagh through the LDS begin at 1867, well after the years I’d actually like to look at.  I thought I might find something in the marriage records, but I found absolutely nothing.  The National Library of Ireland has baptismal records for Graiguenamanagh, but these records begin at 1838, so now I wonder where I might be able to search for records or if there are even records available to search for.  Did Graiguenamanagh not begin a baptismal register until 1838?  Were the records destroyed?  Were the baptismal records kept at another parish? Graiguenamanagh was with the Roman Catholic diocese of Kildare and Leighlin – I guess my next step will be to contact them and see if they can give me a little history of the church parish of Graiguenamanagh and see if there is another church parish associated with Graiguenamanagh.  With any luck, they will have baptismal records that pre-date those of the National Library of Ireland.

A few notes regarding the Graiguenamanagh parish records:

  • The film number is 0926114.  If any of the following names ring a bell in your family history, I would strongly urge you to check the film yourself and not use this blog entry as a source.
  • According to the LDS film notes, “Baptisms, 1866-1868, marriages, 1908-1931 (gives some baptismal dates), baptisms, 1869-1881, marriages, 1818-1880.”  As far as baptismal records, I am only transcribing Cody and Wall baptisms from 1869-1876; Cody and Wall marriage records from 1819-Feb 1824.  For both baptisms and marriages, some of the information was extremely faded or illegible, so it is likely I missed a few entries or made mistakes in the transcription.  In transcriptions that were hard to read, I’ve placed “??.”  With regards to the marriage records, the years 1822 to 1823 were almost impossible for me to make out, so I did not even bother trying.
  • Abtract includes the surnames Wall and Cody, only.  The abstracts of the baptismal records will read: baptism date, the individual baptized, father, mother and where they were from.  Marriage abstracts will read: marriage date, spouse to bride, witnesses, and where they were from.

Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin – Parish of Graiguenamanagh: Cody and Wall – baptisms 1869-1876

  • ?? Jan 1869, Michael Cody, Father: Edmund, Mother: Annie Egan, Glenmore
  • ?? Jan 1869, Catherine Cody, Father: Michael, Mother: Bridget Burchaell?, Ullard
  • ?? Aug 1869, John Cody, Father: John, Mother: Anastatia Price, ?Stackley ?
  • ?? Aug 1869, Michael Wall, Father: Edward, Mother: Anne Murphy, Graig
  • 15 Jun 1870, John Cody, Father: John, Mother: Mary Ryan, Graig
  • 25 Sep 1870, Margaret Cody, Father: Michael, Mother: Bridget Burchaell, Ullard
  • 11 Nov 1870, Thomas Cody, Father: James, Mother: Mary Whalen, ?KnoickGoaly??
  • 15 Oct 1871, Bridget Cody, Father: Michael, Mother: Bridget Burchell, Ullard
  • 28 Sep 1871, Thomas Cody, Father: Patrick, Mother: Anastatia Price, Stockly
  • 13 Sep 1872, James Cody, Father: Michael, Mother: Bridget Burchell, Ullard
  • 03 Nov 1872, ?? Wall, Father: Edward, Mother: Anne Murphy, Graig
  • 26 Nov 1872, Mary Cody, Father: James, Mother: Mary Whalen, ???
  • 29 Dec 1873, Patrick Cody, Father: Patrick, Mother: Anastatia Price, Stockley
  • 25 Apr 1874, Bridget Cody, Father: Michael, Mother: ??? Burchell, Ullard
  • 08 Oct 1874, WM? Cody, Father: James, Mother: Mary Whalen, ?Killkoolly?
  • 20 Aug 1876, Mary Bridget Wall, Father: Edward, Mother: Anne Baker?, Heph St?
  • 06 Nov 1876, Mary Coady, Father: James, Mother: Margaret Whelan, Graig?

Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin – Parish of Graiguenamanagh: Cody and Wall – marriages 1819-1824

  • 23 Jan 1919: John Redmond to Catherine Wall; wit: James Connors & Judith Blanchfield; Old Grange
  • 22 Feb 1821: Michael Cody to Mary Cain; wit: Andrew Henefy? & Elenor Cody; Sallybog
  • ?? Mar 1821: Thomas Henefey? to Mary Cody; wit: William Cain & Elenore Cody; Sallybog
  • 24 Oct 1824: Thomas Cody to Elenor Walsh; wit: Michael Nolan & ?Meredeth? Walsh; Graig?
  • 14 Jan 1824: Patrick Cody to Eleanor Niel; wit: James Murphy? & Mary Murphy; Ullard
  • 20 Feb 1824: Thos Ford to Eleanor Cody; wit: none mentioned; Graig
  • 24 Feb 1824: Thomas Cody to Catherine Wallace; wit: none mentioned; Coolather?

It does seem odd to me that I found no one with the surname Kent in the Graig RC registers.  I know that as late as 1850, according to Griffith’s Valuation there are Kents living in the Civil Parish of Graig.  Why would they not show up in the parish registers??  So far I have found Aide’s in the RC parishes of Thomastown, Slieverue and Glenmore, before and after the time Edward is said to have been born in Graig, but absolutely no one with the surname within the parish of Graig.  I think my next step will be to check the Thomastown registers, which is just east of Graig…


  1. I just returned from Ireland looking for my Cody relatives and was given information from Jim cody of Graignuenamanagh . thomas Cody and Margaret Doyle had 6 recorded baptisms. Judy-1824 pat 1835 wm 1840 garret 1825 mary 1827 and judith 1830 wm was my great grandfather and married to Mary aide.

    Comment by kathy cody schmitt — 29 September 2009 @ 10:59 pm

    • That’s excellent!

      Was the source of the information originally from parish records?

      Did you visit the town of Graignuenamanagh?

      Comment by Jason Aide — 30 September 2009 @ 5:49 am

    • Hello Kathy,
      I have only this afternoon come across your posting.
      In August 1999, my wife, Mary, and and I hosted Dawn Serf, her husband and their two boys, Cody (14) and Ryan (11) when we vosited the former Cody house in Sallybog and Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh. Dawn is the g-great-grand-daughter of Judith Cody (b. 07 Jul 1830) and at that time lived at 300, Los Cerros Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405, USA.

      We remember them constantly by virtue of their gift to us of a beautiful wooden clock which keeps time in our kitchen.

      It may also be of interest to you to know that Garret Cody (b. 5 Jun 1825) married sometime before 1856 a Jane Brennan, in Grant County, Wisconsin, and that his great-grandson, Robert E, Cody was, in 1999, living 422, Foster, Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9R, 1P3, Canada.

      It is of course possible that this is information which is already known to you.

      Best wishes,


      Comment by Michael O'Hanrahan — 11 February 2012 @ 8:52 pm

  2. There is a book by a Mr Wilson that gives church records by town and county. Lists the church and the dates of the records potentially available. This is a very valuable finding aid as it shows more of the detailed reporting structure than any other I have seen. My ancestor was a friend of a person from FERNS. Parish? Town? Wilson was useful in figuring that out.

    Comment by Patricia Hartman — 20 April 2010 @ 11:06 am

  3. I am the granddaughter of Perry Aide.

    Comment by jeanne meehan — 3 June 2010 @ 6:25 am

  4. Hi,

    I am also researching the Cody family from Ullard……….your information is very usefull. I have found Michael Cody married to Bridget Burchaell(1864 Graigue by Borris ….may have had 15 children) and I have also found his father Patrick who I think was married to Eleanor Niel 1824 refer to in you information.

    I am the great grand son of Michael Cody and am looking for other relatives……would also like to research further back.

    Many Thanks


    Comment by Paul Cody — 9 June 2010 @ 5:24 pm

  5. of course we need to know our family history so that we can share it to our kids :-`

    Comment by Flashing Beacon — 1 December 2010 @ 7:59 pm

  6. Aide may be a derivative of Hayden and Hayden is a very popular name in the Graiguenamanagh/Carlow areas.
    Try that route.

    Comment by Thomas Coady — 28 December 2010 @ 12:35 pm

  7. You may have seen or even posted the details ont eh following website. In case you haven’t I hope that you find it helpful. I was born and raised in Graignamanagh and I knew several Codys though no Aides or Kents from the area. There was one person called Teresa Wall, Post mistress, but she originally came from another area in Co. Kilkenny.

    Comment by graignamanach — 29 September 2011 @ 10:53 am

  8. Further to my contribution of yesterday, as the result of further search among my records, I can now throw some light on the KENT dimension of this correspondence. The probable explanation for the absence of Kents from the Graiguenamanagh registers is because the family may have been residents, not of Graiguenamanagh but of the neighbouring parish of Skeoghvosteen, where I have found three modern (1950 – 1980) tombstones bearing the surname.

    It appears that, sometime before 1832, a James Kent married a Catherine Lanigan of Sallybog and had twin daugters Catherine and Judith who were baptised on 30 Mar 1833. This would suggest that James married into a holding in Sallybog.

    At the date of the land valuation/’Tithe Applotment’ (1827) for purposes of cvomposition of the tithe payable to the Church of Ireland, the Sallybog sub-division of the townland of Raheendonore was let to 12 tenants as follows:
    Edward Cody, James Cody, John Grace, John Holden,Martin McNamara, Richard McNamara and James Murphy each 24.5 acres; William Grace 36.5 Acres; Michael Grace 16.75 acres; John Neill 36.75 acres, James Kent and Thomas Lanigan 18.375 acres each. It appears probable that Thomas Lanigan had sub-let half of his portion to James Kent who subsequently married his daughter, Catherine. William Grace (1776-1833) was the brother of my great-grandmother, Mary Grace. The Cody family and, later, the Lanigan family of Raheendonore, were all related to me.

    The landlord of Raheendonore and neighbouring townlands was Lord Clifden. Subsequently, in 1848 or 1849, he paid the fares of many of his tenants to emigrate to the USA. Possibly on the the whole of Sallybog was taken over by Father Doyle, who has entered local folklore as “Sallybog Martin, the land-jobbing jew”.

    If requested, I will add more information relevant to Sallybog and its former residents.

    Comment by Michael O'Hanrahan — 13 February 2012 @ 2:56 pm

  9. Hi, my name is Eileen and I am interested in finding birth records for the year 1802 in Graiguenamanagh. Does anyone know where they are kept. I am from Kilkenny and there were Kents in Skeoughvosteen- known back then as Curraughland in the parish of Powerstown. There was also Coadys or Codys in Ullard. Look at the 1901 and 1911 census and you will see this. Looking forward to some replys. Many thanks.

    Comment by Eileen O Toole — 23 February 2012 @ 1:38 am

  10. hi my lanigan is john lanigan who married ellen Barron raheendonore 1840 would have any links on is thomas lanigan related to them or any infromation on lanigan in raheendonore

    florence lanigan

    Comment by florence lanigan — 9 April 2012 @ 11:57 am

    • Hello Florence,
      I have just come across your posting of April, 2012 on the ‘Aide Blog’. I am the g/g/grandson of Andrew Barron, sister of Ellen Barron, who married John Lanigan. I have compiled a family tree of your branch of the family and wonder if you are already in possession of this?
      Michael O’Hanrahan

      Comment by Michael O'Hanrahan — 23 January 2013 @ 6:27 pm

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