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6 August 2009

Pierce, son of Edward Aide and Anastatia Kent

"Pierce Aide and Family inscribed on this window at St. Philip Church in Highland, WI

"Pierce Aide and Family" is inscribed on this window at St. Philip Church in Highland, WI

Pierce Aide was Edward and Anna’s oldest child.  According to his obituary, he was born 15 August 1849, however, he does not appear on the 1850 Federal Census of Highland with his parents.  The Census, taken on 5 Sept 1850, should list any member living in a household as of June 1850, regardless of age, so it’s likely that Pierce wasn’t actually born until later in the year.  As far as a search of civil records in Wisconsin, counties were not required to register birth records with the state until October of 1907, and a search of the Wisconsin Genealogy Index reveals no records of Pierce’s birth.  In a situation like this, normally I would turn to baptismal records, but, unfortunately, St. Philip Church didn’t begin keeping baptismal records until 1865.  According to the 1900 Federal Census, which indicates both the year and month of birth reported by the individual, Pierce was born in May of 1852, but I sort of doubt this was his actual birth year.  It’s possible that there is a copy of Pierce’s birth record obtainable from the Iowa County Registrar of Deeds, but it’s usually about $20 to have counties search for birth, marriage and death records, and although it would be nice to have an exact date of birth for Pierce, I feel comfortable enough just estimating his year of birth to be about 1850.

Pierce’s first “official” appearance by name in the record books is in the 1860 Federal Census of Highland, where he his listed as 10-year-old Peter Aide.  His parents are 40-year-old Ed and 35-year-old Ante (note: in Ireland Ante is usually a shortened form of Anastatia), and his siblings appear as Mary, Jami, and Catharine.  Interestingly enough, the household listed on the census just prior to the household of Ed Aide was the home of a James Aide, which would indicate that they were neighbors at the time of the census.  Aged 38 and born in Ireland, James was living with his wife, Mary, a man named James McCormick, and his 1-year-old son, Pierce.  Further research reveals that this is the household of James Aide and wife, Mary McCormick, who by the 1870 Census have moved to Mineral Point, WI.  It’s interesting to speculate that this might be the James Aide referred to in the letter by Julia [Aide] Egan as Edward’s brother who lived in Mineral Point.  Such supposition, however, will be reviewed in more depth in a future writing.  It’s also important to note that there were actually two James Aides, both born in Ireland and living in Highland, WI on the 1860 census.  But, again, I’ll revisit all the Irish born Aide families living in and around Highland in a future post.

I know very little about Pierce, aside from what I’ve been able to glean from census data and his obituary.  He farmed for many years until the death of his wife, Julia, in 1914.  In the 1920 Census of Highland, Pierce is living with the family of his son, Richard.  By 1923 he had been living with the family of his other son, Edward, in Troy, WI, which is a township between River Falls and the St. Croix river.  It is here in Troy where he died of what appears to have been a chronic heart condition that he’d been suffering from for some time.

After his death, Pierce was buried in Highland, WI.  When I was in Highland performing research I was not able to find a grave marker, but according to both his obituary and St. Philip Catholic Church records, Pierce was buried at St. Philip Cemetery.  I assume he was likely buried very near Julia [Egan] Aide, but there is really no way of knowing precisely where he was buried.  About 15 to 20 feet to the right of Julia’s grave there is a large, unmarked metal cross – I suspect that this may be where he was buried.  My theory is that at some point the grave marker was somehow destroyed and this large metal cross was set in its place by the church, but, again, I honestly don’t know.


Although there is no grave marker at the cemetery, there is a stained-glass window inside the old St. Philip Catholic Church which reads “Pierce Aide and Family” on it.  No one at the church was really able to give me a history of the church or knew why his name would appear on a stained-glass window, but I believe Pierce likely helped build the church in the years it was being erected.  The original Gothic structure of St. Philip, which was built between 1869 and 1880, was completely destroyed by fire in 1887.  The church now standing today was built between 1888 and 1899.  It’s likely that Pierce volunteered with the building of the second church, if not both churches.

Pierce married Julia Egan in Highland on 04 September of 1877, a record of which can be found in the Wisconsin Genealogical Index.  Julia was born in Highland about 1860 to Thomas Egan and Julia Salinger of Ireland and she died in Highland on 05 May 1914.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much biographical information on her at this time.  After I’ve obtained her obituary, perhaps I’ll be able to shed more light on her.

Pierce and Julia had ten children, all of whom were born in Highland, WI:

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  1. In reading the above note of Anne Aide, it says that she was born 1978 and died in 194_? Think her year of birth is meant to be 1878 and just wanted you to know that, in case you wnated to correct it. Her next sibling was born in 1880. I found this in search of history of St. Phillips Catholic Irish Church of Highland, WI. My Martin Ryan Family owned R.E. there from late 1840’s to 1880’s and was hoping that name might have popped up within your blog of your Aide family. The other note of interest was the name of Mary FORD (the Ford name) who married James Aide and resided in Mineral Point. My Peter COLLINS/CALLAN md. a Mary FORD. She died in PA but husband and 3 sons emigrated to Iowa County by 1855/1860. We have oral history that says Peter came from Co. Meath but DNA also includes Co. Kilkenny? Thank you for your knowledge of St. Phillips. Stain Glass Window is so cool. Would so love it to find something like that for our Ryan, Hogan or Crow(e) Family with a find like that. Great research ! I look forward to reading more of your family and their emigration pattern/time line from Ireland to US and then to WI. 🙂 Susie

    Comment by Susie — 22 June 2011 @ 8:59 pm

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