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(PLEASE READ) A few notes about this blog…

This blog deals with research into the family and relatives of my Great Great Great Grandfather, Edward Aide*, who emigrated from Co. Kilkenny, Ireland to the United States in the early-mid 1800’s, and who eventually came to settle Highland, WI about 1845**.  Additional Irish surnames associated with this particular project currently include Kent, Wall, Cody, Egan and Ford.

There are a couple of reasons why I’ve decided to start blogging about this.  One reason in particular is to share information with family members about the project.  Practically speaking, it’s an easier means for me to disseminate information about a family tree versus having to explain things over and over and over again.  It will also give people the chance to see what resources were used and some of the methodology that’s come in to play in going about this undertaking.

Additionally, I hope this blog serves as another connecting point for me to bump into other individuals performing similar research and to either learn from others that are more experienced than I am, or to act as a guide for people who are just beginning or considering a family history project.

At any rate, I’ve only been working on this project on the lighter side of 6 months – I am by no means an expert…just thought I’d mention that…

As you read the blog, you will hopefully notice that many of the names are highlighted as links.  By clicking on the name the link should direct you to a visual representation of how that person fits into the family tree, as well as additional information, which will include sources, pictures, stories and obituaries, if available.  Reading about a family tree can be extremely confusing (or sometimes even a little boring – especially when I start babbling on about super-exciting things like “research methodology” or an “amazing” new resource I’ve happened upon), so it’s my hope that these links will not only help as a visual guide to understand who I am talking about, but to also at least mildly peak your interest or maybe even entertain you.

HERE is a link to the homepage of the family tree, itself.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to help contribute to this project (I’d be especially grateful for more pictures or obituaries – especially especially help transcribing obituaries), please feel free to email me at:


[* The surname on Edward’s headstone located in Highland, WI reads AID, however, there are several variants in spelling that are seen on documents throughout his life – e.g. – Ade, Eade, Aid.]

[** Dates are best guess approximations based on a letter from Julia Aide of Highland, WI to her niece, Mary Pugil of Chicago, IL.]

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